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gunnar caylor

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The concept of a Caylor frame was born in the early 70's; the impetuous being to combine my success at racing (winning my first race on a borrowed bike!) with the belief that I could build a better bicycle using new ideas and designs while maintaining the "classic" style of the era. Utilizing the mechanical skills learned from my father and a lot of trial-and-error, I was able to make that belief a reality, eventually selling frames to some of the most prestigous bike shops in California.

Fast forward 40+ years... Maintaining the simple "classic" era look, I am now combining real-world experience with modern technology and equipment to build one-of-a-kind frames for a variety of riders.

Give me a call at 916-233-5472 or email me at gunnar@caylorcyclesretooled and let's talk frames and bicycles.